Tuesday, November 19, 2013


In Episode 123, Trev and AJ wax philosophical on self-actualization, chat about AJ's upcoming life change, and Trev recaps a recent *meeting* experience before the two sit down with actress and awesome person Kerry Bish√© (Argo, Scrubs, Red State) for Part 2 of their chat on art and the creative journey. Total running time: 1:09:26.

Good Stuff for Episode 123:
- Coin (AJ's Pick)
- The Last Hours of Humanity [Video] (Trev's Pick)
- A True Story: Based on Things That Never Actually Happened, and Some That Did [Video] (Listener Pick via Rene√©-Michele Brunet)

Kerry's Links for Episode 123:
- Kerry on IMDB
- Kerry on Instagram

Rockstar IAP Patron: Charina Dorothy

Charina is an actor in Los Angeles who is also skilled in the art of hula hooping, hardcore pranking, and four-leaf clover hunting. She grew up in Northern Minnesota and has many credits throughout the Midwest.
// facebook.com/CharinaLayne | @CharinaLayne

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