Tuesday, October 09, 2012


In Episode 085, Trev and AJ chat about the indie feature film they're shooting — PRODIGAL SON — sticking to their guns once they've set their intention, and how to (*if* to) publicize projects that, well, frankly, might maybe kinda suck a little bit. Then they sit down with New York Times best-selling writer Matt Logelin for Part 1 of a 3-part conversation about what it's like to have his (heartbreaking and) personal story turned into a Lifetime movie. Total running time: 1:09:16.

Good Stuff for Episode 085:
- Dominion Entertainment
- Platform by Michael Hyatt
- GoinsWriter.com

- Nine Lives (Trev's Pick)
- School on Wheels (AJ's Pick)
- Felicia Day: How I Work (Listener Pick via Leslie Richards)
- Make A Film Foundation

Matt's Links for Episode 085:
Matt on Instagram (via webstagram)
- Matt on Facebook
- @mattlogelin

Right click and "Save As" to download the standalone MP3 of Episode 085 (33.3 MB).

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  1. Thanks for the Dominion Ent tip :) There'a also Actors Advantage that has competitive prices and who offers trade for volunteering for a dog adoption day. And, ahhhhh, "just begin". Yes. Ha! Ha!