Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In Episode 075, Trev and AJ dish about confidence, ease, authenticity, and other actor essential in-the-room intangibles, respond to a listener voicemail about minor markets (thanks for the call Erica!), and then sit down with Colleen "The Communicatrix" Wainwright for Part 2 of a fantastic conversation about the possibilities and pitfalls of marketing, relationship building, and  of course  communicating. Total running time: 56:58.

Good Stuff for Episode 075:
- The Full Monty @ The Third Street Theatre (AJ's Pick)
- David Allen's GTD Fast (Trev's Pick)

Colleen's Links for Episode 075:
- Communicatrix (Colleen's Website)
- @communicatrix
The Oatmeal

Right click and "Save As" to download the standalone MP3 of Episode 075 (27.4 MB).

Thanks for listening!

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