Friday, October 07, 2011


In Episode 62, Trev & AJ chat about getting back on the horse after a big production (*cough* First Squad *cough*), what's been keeping them busy since, and wonder how to stay afloat - spiritually-speaking - when the going gets tough and there's no end in sight. Then Trev sits down for Part 2 of his kickass chat on business-ifying your content creation with kickass writer/director/producer Bernie Su. Total running time: 56:41.

Episode 62: Bernie Su (Part 2)

Good Stuff for Episode 62:

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- Trev's diggin' on Julien Smith's blog
- AJ's hand-picked selection of Apple videos, and Steve Jobs' keynotes and speeches:
   - Introducing Think Different
   - Introducing the Apple Store
   - Introducing iPod
   - Introducing iPhone
   - Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech @ Stanford

Bernie's Links for Episode 62:
- Compulsions
- Bernie on Twitter: @BernieSu


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  1. just discovered your wonderful podcast! am excited to hear more.