Monday, February 07, 2011


In Episode 42, Trev and AJ talk about what's been keeping them busy and respond to some listener e-mails and voicemails before jumping into Part 2 of their 2-part chat with casting director Marci Liroff. Total running time: 49:16

IAP40: Mark Atteberry (Part 2)

Good Stuff + Links for Episode 42:
- Kick a few bucks to Celia Aurora de Blas' original indie short @
- Check out former guest Tony Rago's webseries Whacked
- For a kick, watch Undercity on Vimeo
- For massive inspiration, watch The Dark Side of the Lens
- Learn more about Marci on IMDB and at
- Follow Marci on Twitter: @MarciLiroff
- Check out Marci Liroff's Audition Boot Camp DVD - Part 1


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