Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Back from a month-long hiatus, Trev and AJ join forces with blogger and actor-preneur Ben Whitehair for a special episode about the all-elusive actor "thrival" job. Join us as we knock through a few dozen listener-submitted alternative ideas for alternative income streams, all discussed, submitted, and -- in many cases -- created by actors. Total running time: 1:27:38.

Episode 27: Actor "Thrival" Jobs

Good Stuff mentioned in Episode 27:
Inside Acting on Ustream (website)
Playbills vs. Paying Bills (website)
Why the Most Common Advice Given to Actors is a Crock of Sh*t (article)
Free Headshot Advice (website)
Bonnie Gillespie on CD Workshops (article)
Hot Bartenders L.A. -- it actually exists! (website)

Good Stuff we didn't mention (but should have):
My Startup Life (book)
I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi (book)
Seth Godin's blog (website)
The Harvard Business Review (website) and HBR's Ideacast (podcast)
The Actor's Network: Grad School for the Working Actor (article)
Unreasonable Institute (website)
Los Angeles Actor's "Tweetup" on August 9th (event)

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  1. Hi. Just wanted to share on the thrival job thing. I've been a pro make-up artist longer than I've been acting and now that I'm doing both, it's filling up my time nicely. I've always had more than one income flow and what I found that had flexibility with production work before I got back into acting was having my own decorative painting business. I would always be upfront with my painting clients that my schedule had to be flexible and they would usually be excited for me if I got booked on a production job! I guess it all depends on finding the right clients who are kind and understanding. But isn't that a goal in general? When I wasn't working on my own projects, I found other painters to assist to fill in the gaps on a flexible schedule. Decent pay. I'd charge anywhere from $35/$75hr. for my projects and got $20/hr as an assistant. I hope that my comment can inspire some others. Thanks for all the good work with the podcast!

  2. Yes, I am almost a year late on this comment, but just started listening to podcast this month and started back from I'm pretty far along.
    For those people doing websites (or other tech stuff) for thrival work, set up an account on You can probably find a gig or two to pay some bills.