Tuesday, March 24, 2015


In Episode 185, AJ shares how he and Jasmin are making their first “credit card” short film – and getting their money back, while Trev geeks out on actually having a role to beef up for. There’s a little more about the Equity/99-seat thing (but not much), too, as well as some thoughts on why or when a filmmaker should move to Los Angeles (or not) before Trev sits down for the second and final part of his chat with Casting Director / Associate Jeremy Gordon (PsychLaw & OrderThe Wolverine) to chat about the do’s and do not's of social media, self-taping, and why in the year 2015, creating original, imaginative content is the new postcard. Total running time: 1:09:08.

Episode 185: Jeremy Gordon (Part 2)

Mentioned in Episode 185:
Which Way L.A. – Is Acting a Labor of Love or a Job For Pay?

Picks of the Week:
Empyrean (Trev)
Clothes the Loop (North Face Textile Recycling Program) (AJ)

Member of the Week: Terra Patterson
I work as a Costumer on feature films, tv shows, etc. I really enjoy it and yet I still willing to explore and grow in tv/film production. Check out my resume is on my website: www.tmoniquechic.com. I also love creative expression, writing, DIY-ing and arts & crafts. Now, I'm venturing into designing TMo Sandals! Check out my Etsy Shop: TMonique.

See Terra Patterson in Lincoln's Last Day on The Smithsonian Channel, April 13th @ 8pm.

Episode 185:
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In Episode 184, AJ shares his most recent audition meeting experience – and why it’s so important to make the most of “who you be” as a unique individual. Then Trev sits down with Casting Director / Associate Jeremy Gordon (Psych, Law & Order, The Wolverine) for the first of a 2-part chat on his journey, what it might truly take to call oneself an actor, a great example of what NOT to say in auditions, and more. Total running time: 32:04.

Episode 184: Jeremy Gordon (Part 1)

Mentioned in Episode 184:

Picks of the Week:
Birdman – trailer / IMDB (AJ)
Party Down – Hulu / Amazon (Listener Pick via IAP Member Eric Eberle)

Member of the Week: James Simenc
James Simenc is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and filmmaker. He works as a multimedia producer for the LA Review of Books. Now with tweets! //

Episode 184:
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


In Episode 183, AJ talks about auditioning for a St. Louis theatre, Trev shares a chat he had with IAP marketing and web director Gedaly Guberek about the soon-to-launch Membership group, and the vaults open wide to bring us AJ’s long-ago – but still 100% relevant – chat with actor tax specialist Chuck Sloan of Chuck Sloan & Associates. Learn what expenses to track, what you can and can’t write off, how to handle an audit, and more. Total running time: 59:02.

Episode 183: Chuck Sloan (Redux – Part 2)

Mentioned in Episode 183:
YNAB <--- use this link to save 10%!

Picks of the Week:
Vikings (Trev)
The Hunting Ground / IMDB (AJ)

Member of the Week: Jasmin Bristow
Jasmin Bristow is a dancer-turned-actor-turned-multi-hyphenate. Hailing from Australia, she relishes a global life. She was a ballet dancer in Europe before enjoying a short but successful career in software development. Her lifelong acting hobby turned serious in 2010 when she began studying Meisner. Now based between NYC and LA, Jasmin is stretching her filmmaking muscle and is in pre-production for several film projects. She is a self confessed treehugger and foodie, adores her future husband and their kitty – as well as her foster elephant in Kenya. Jasmin's mission in life is to inspire and transform the world through art, and to see humanity shine.

Episode 183:
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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


In Episode 182, Trev sounds off about climate deniers (for just a minute – sorry about that), AJ shares exactly how money will no longer stop him (and it kind of ties in nicely with the climate thing), and the two of them chat about AEA’s (Actor’s Equity Association) proposal to abolish the 99-seat theatre plan in Los Angeles.

Then AJ sits down for Part 1 of our long ago chat with performer tax specialist Chuck Sloan. From demystifying the L.A. business license, to what exactly constitutes cash money income (you may be surprised), to the least you’ll need to have to prove your validity in the event of an audit (you’ll definitely be surprised), this is priceless business information for any creative. Total running time: 58:52.

Episode 182: Chuck Sloan (Redux – Part 1)

Mentioned in Episode 182:
YNAB Investment Email Series
YNAB <--- use this link to save 10%!
Amanda Palmer's TED Talk

Picks of the Week:
The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer (Trev)
Acorns (AJ)

Episode 182:
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


In Episode 181, AJ shares why he turned down an audition for a major network primetime TV show, and Trev sits down for the third and final part of his chat with actor/filmmaker Leo Oliva  to talk fake e-mail accounts, smack talking lawyers, hiring and working with Danny Glover, getting worldwide distribution for his feature film The Shift, and more. Total running time: 38:48.

Episode 181: Leo Oliva (Part 3)

Leo's Links for Episode 181:
IMDB – Leo
IMDB – The Shift
The Shift (Trailer)

Episode 181:
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